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See how our story began in 2003 in the center of the southland, Buena Park California 

Our Story Begins In Buena Park, CA

Ever had a friend whose house you liked to visit all the time because you loved their mom’s cooking and you know that you will get fed during every visit?


We would like to think that was our mom when we were growing up.


To this day, we have friends who say, “Your mom’s adobo is the best.” She was always the designated cook for family gatherings and parties and “leftovers” was not part of our vocabulary. People always asked to take food to go.




Even though a restaurant business was not what our parents had in mind, it came as no surprise to us that Manila Grille was established after they came across this space 2003. We know our mom can cook.


Manila Grille is our parents’ mom and pop, hole-in-the wall labor of love. When you eat or order from us, you are not a customer, you are not at a"turo-turo," you are the friend eating tita’s famous adobo.

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